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. A good cosmetic surgeon will help you recognize and play up your strongest features while minimizing the less attractive ones to help you look like your best you - not someone else entirely. But the result of airless bottle these unethical practitioners all too often is a heartbreakingly unfixable look. Plus, many of these scenarios can prove dangerous, or even deadly. Permanent makeup: This essentially is tattooing your skin to look as if you're wearing eyeliner, brow make up and lipstick. Lipodissolve / Mesotherapy: Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy involve injections of cocktails purported to dissolve stubborn fat deposits. 4. Before you choose any facial cosmetic procedure, consult with a board-certified, highly experienced cosmetic surgeon. Roberto Garcia of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery and Reviva Medical Spa near Jacksonville, FL. Any extreme procedure: Going for a dramatic change in looks very often backfires for patients.

"A mistake by an untrained surgeon or an overzealous patient can be impossible to repair. While the primary material used, a substance called lipostabil, has been proven to dissolve fat and other structures, this is a non-FDA approved use. A botched job by an untrained practitioner is hard to undo because these tattoos are placed on some of the most delicate tissues of the face - namely the inner folds of the eyelids and lips. Plus, it can cause complications like severe pain, swelling, hard lumps, skin ulcerations and contour irregularities. You don't want to be stuck forever with a look that's long out of fashion. "Your look is your calling card," says Dr. 2.Many patients undergo facial cosmetic procedures, both surgical and less-invasive procedures, as a way to maintain a youthful look and thereby remain competitive in the workplace.

Many of those performing the procedure have little or no training in liposuction, plastic surgery or dermatologic surgery and the use of lipodissolve for cosmetic procedures is banned in multiple countries, including Brazil." The most important work in facial cosmetic procedures happens in the decision phase and there are a few options that Dr. But the quest to stay competitive could backfire with just one poor choice. Any procedure performed by a questionable physician: Unfort